about us

Our mission is to overcome the increasing problem of antibiotic resistance.

Agananotech is a uk R&D company part owned by Gama Healthcare Ltd. Its mission is to research means of overcoming the increasing problem of antibiotic resistance. More particularly, it is researching the development and use of nanoplatforms to deliver highly oxidative biocides directly to infecting bacteria without causing collateral damage to the patient. We have focussed on incorporating precursors for hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid within nanoparticles. This approach is preferred because not only are both agents highly reactive oxidative biocides with disseminated targets, and hence do not give rise to resistance; but both have low systemic toxicity and breakdown to give benign residues.

To date we have successfully incorporated a range of precursors in two types of PLGA nanoparticles. For one of these routes simple controlled release has been demonstrated. Initial in vitro trials are under way and a collaboration to develop the project further is being explored. Initial in vitro studies will be commenced in 2015. The company has filed a patent application.